Friday, January 27, 2012

Romance in the Ordinary

Valentine’s Day is here again, and I think it’s a wonderful celebration of Love. I’m glad somebody decided, however many years ago, to make this time an annual time of Romantic remembrance. It is how love happens. We are all a result of that Romance, on some level, and a celebration should be in order for that, if nothing else. Valentine’s Day is a little reminder of how we all began.

We begin to love one another through Romance. Romance gives love its lift. It brings love out into the open. It gives Love room to grow, it lets it breathe, it brings in the light. Romance helps Love get noticed.

But Romance is not limited to a person or a relationship. Romance is about every part of life, in every fashion. I am a lucky man. I have experienced Romance with another person and it is an unforgettable, indelible experience. But some of our most romantic moments can be experienced in the midst of the mundane. Sudden shards of energy break through the blandness and you realize, often unexpectedly, how the magic of Romance surrounds you.

It is always in that you find beautiful. The birds, a sunset, an incredible sky full of color first thing in the morning. Clouds that surround you, rain that chants to you its magical presence. To find Romance in your world is easy: look up and around you. Nature, if nothing else, is Romantic. You are welcomed with a symphony of explosive beauty. Your sense are in love again. If that’s not Romance, I don’t know what is.

But I see Romance in things that set me apart from my normal routine. Romance is in the different spaces of Love. The excitement and energy, to be sure, but Romance lives in the in- between glimpses of life.

Finding ten dollars in a coat pocket, getting a hard to find parking space, standing on your bathroom scale in the morning and find that you’ve lost another pound…these events are encased in Romance. The unexpected gift within the air of gratitude is a clearly, profoundly romantic event, and it happens all the time. Being asked to be a “friend” on facebook, finding that perfect pizza place or getting great seats at a movie. These are all infused with such delight that the feeling of Romance is infused in each moment of every event.

There are so many points of romance within the landscape of every single day. Be prepared to embrace it, to respond with gratitude. It’s not limited to lines within the cards given to one another every February. It’s more than that. A little piece of it of it exists in every one of life’s moments. Take time to notice, OK? Romance is all around you.

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