Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love and Politics

It is such a common thing for all people to gravitate toward love and loving one another...

Politics has become a sociological endeavor. People argue about politics now. They never used to. Never something you spoke about much. Now, it's a "Us against Them" game. It's like a Cub fan vs. a Cardinal fan, an Packer fan facing off against one that loves the Bears. Politics keeps us aligned with a group of like thinkers. It's become an emotionally insulating affair, and it distorts a sense of being. It isolates you against "them".

It's so unnecessary. It violates the basic tenets of what begins a good discussion: I respect you as a human being, I love you as a brother or sister of mankind, and I want to listen to your story. "If you judge, you cannot love" comes from Mother Teresa. She knew what she was talking about...we must leave judgement aside. We must step out of our political safety zone.

This is what begins our path toward loving each other. Leave your allegiance aside, and look at one another as just one more chance to experience love. Ed McShane - Happy Scribbles, Inc.

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