Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Social Justice

The two greatest words in the English Language, when put together, allow for perspective, heart, principle and togetherness: Social Justice.

I read an article by Bill O What-his-Face in the paper today. The anger in that man just comes flying out of him, doesn't it? I truly wish he would've worked on his issues with his Dad. His old man must have just tore him a new one weekly to place that much angst in that little boys heart.

But that's pretty much where he rests, emotionally. That of a little boy. His rant in the paper is so...well, frankly, a little dim. He's not the smartest guy out there, is he?

He takes these words "Social Justice" and turns against them. Two words that imbue kindness.

Only when one has such difficulty being kind, these words have no meaning.

Embrace the idea of Social Justice and find out what, and how, this concept can clear your path to a greater understanding of one another.

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